High-performance Additives for Polyamides and Recycled Polyolefins 

Brügge­mann is presenting perform­ance-enhan­cing additive innov­a­tions at K 2022. These range from elec­tric­ally neutral heat stabil­izers for poly­amides in elec­trical and elec­tronic applic­a­tions, for example for e-mobility, to high-perform­ance stabil­izers for exposure to moderate to very high temper­at­ures and addit­ives for stabil­izing recycled poly­ol­efins. A further focus is on effi­ciency-boosting flow enhan­cers which enable shorter cycle times and low wall thick­nesses for compon­ents made of poly­amides and poly­es­ters (PBT).

Elec­tric­ally Neutral Heat Stabil­izers for Poly­amides

BRUG­GOLEN® TP-H2062 and TP-H2217 are opening up a new class of metal- and halogen-free heat stabil­izers for rein­forced and unrein­forced poly­amides in E/E applic­a­tions. They do not corrode metallic compon­ents such as over­molded sensors and have no impact on the polymer’s elec­trical prop­er­ties. They also enable continuous service temper­at­ures of 170°C with peaks of 200°C, so meeting more strin­gent auto­motive industry require­ments and surpassing the limits of conven­tional systems, such as phenol- and copper-based stabil­izers. Both BRUG­GOLEN® addit­ives are avail­able as easy-to-process master­batches.

BRUG­GOLEN® TP-H2217 is partic­u­larly suit­able for heat-stabil­izing halogen-free flame retardant poly­amides. Brügge­mann has thus made it possible for compounders to produce poly­amide mater­ials specific­ally tailored for e-mobility which have a V-0 clas­si­fic­a­tion to UL94, elec­trical neut­rality and long-lasting heat resist­ance at 180°C.

“Best in Class” at 190°C

BRUG­GOLEN® TP-H1804 is a new heat stabil­izer for aliphatic poly­amides used at continuous service temper­at­ures of 160°C to 190°C. It distinctly outper­forms copper salt-based stabil­izers in terms of mech­an­ical prop­erty reten­tion of the mater­ials to which it is added. BRUG­GOLEN® TP-H1804 thus comple­ments BRUG­GOLEN® TP-H1805, which was presented at K 2019 and stabil­izes rein­forced aliphatic poly­amides for continuous service at 200°C for PA6 and at 230°C for PA6.6.

Effi­ciency-boosting Flow Enhan­cers

BRUG­GOLEN® TP-P2201 is a new addi­tion to Brügge­mann’s range of flow enhan­cers which will be presented at K 2022 and is specific­ally tailored for applic­a­tions in e-mobility and flame retardant poly­amides. BRUG­GOLEN® TP-P1810 is partic­u­larly suit­able for processing partially aromatic poly­amides, while BRUG­GOLEN® P1507 is optim­ized for aliphatic poly­amides and TP-P1924 for PBT. All these addit­ives help to save energy during produc­tion while simul­tan­eously enabling very high fiber contents for injec­tion molded parts with long flow paths and/or low wall thick­nesses.

Poly­ol­efin Recyc­ling

Brügge­mann had already presented its wide range of addit­ives for the mech­an­ical recyc­ling of poly­amides at K 2019. These include long-term heat stabil­izers, process stabil­izers, flow promoters, reactive chain modi­fiers, nucle­ating agents and other processing auxil­i­aries. Products for recyc­ling poly­ol­efins will now also be presented at K 2022. Specially developed tech­no­logy repairs defects in the molecular chains which arise during the processing and use of poly­ol­efins and degrade quality. The result is recycled poly­mers with improved mech­an­ical prop­er­ties which do not require the addi­tion of virgin material.

Using BRUG­GOLEN® TP-R2090, it is possible to recycle polypro­pylene from post-indus­trial and post-consumer waste. TP-R8895 is specific­ally suited to recyc­ling polypro­pylene from battery cases. Both addit­ives result in recycled mater­ials of a quality which cannot be achieved by conven­tional re-stabil­iz­a­tion, even at high rates of addi­tion.

For recyc­ling poly­ethylene, Brügge­mann has developed BRUG­GOLEN® TP-R2162 which again includes the new repair tech­no­logy and is partic­u­larly suit­able for recycled LLDPE for use in film extru­sion. All the stated addit­ives are supplied in the form of compact, dust-free blends.

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